TowBoatU.S. Cape Cod/Plymouth is an immediate response boat towing and salvage company operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are the service provider for BoatUS with locations in Onset and Plymouth. Our towing service area stretches from the Buzzard's Bay, through the Cape Cod Canal and into Cape Cod Bay. Our salvage, wreck removal, diving and boat disposal services are offered throughout greater Cape Cod area.

At TowBoatU.S. Cape Cod/Plymouth we work to respond quickly and provide the best possible service to our loyal members. In addition to towing, we are also a complete search and recovery salvage operation, providing all of the services needed for locating and recovering underwater losses.

Our searching and diving equipment is completely mobile and ready for immediate deployment, as is our crew. This allows us a response time of a few hours on the East Coast and less than 24 hours anywhere else. 

We have a mobile response unit and fully equipped trailerable vessels available around the clock. We also have a network of vessels available nationwide.

If your needs are not well defined, we provide consultation. With our expertise we can review past and present salvage cases and respond to the possibilities of locating and recovering losses. At the same time we can provide options to achieve the best result.

Contact us directly at (508) 295-2226 or via capetowingsalvage@gmail.com. Boaters on the water can also reach us on VHF Channel 16 by hailing TowBoatU.S. Cape Cod/Plymouth.


TowboatU.S. Cape Cod/Plymouth employs 3 professional mariners. All of our captains are licensed by the United States Coast Guard and have years of experience navigating our local waters.

Shawn Brule

Cape Coral Florida native Shawn Brule has a lifetime of experience on the water. He is a retired US Coastguardsmen (who spent 22 years working in New England waters) and current owner of TowBoatU.S. Cape Cod/Plymouth.

Kevin Adley

Plymouth native Kevin Adley is a licensed USCG captain and a passionate fly fisherman. We’re excited to have him serving as a tow boat captain.


We have a quick-to-respond local towing fleet in Plymouth and Onset, with 5 towboats available to service our members. Our boats are tailored specifically to meet our towing and salvage needs. All of our vessels carry dive gear, dewatering pumps, emergency patching materials, spare fuel and oil, jump starters and salvage gear. Our fleet is ready to respond to any situation that arises on the water.

We are a member of the Accredited for Commercial Assistance and Professional Towing (ACAPT) program to recognize the professional who is willing to adhere to high standards of service, training, and equipment.